Full Form of OK Word

Full Form of OK Word,– You will want to know what is the full-form of OK, so today with the help of this article I am going to tell you the full form of OK, as well as amazing things related to OK.

Full Form of OK  Word

Friends, the most popular spoken word today would be OK. Everyone in the world uses 100% OK words in their language. The term OK is used today by people of all countries as well as people of all languages.

Ok Full Form in English

Full form of the OK word is “ OLL KARRECT “.

Yes, Oll Karrect is the full form of OK. The OK’s full-form is Oll Karrect, as well as All Correct and expert, believes that the correct ok meaning of OK is also All Correct. But no full form of OK has been presented in the history because OK was generated as a joke.

But in today’s time, the word ok is used in many different ways, due to which ok is considered more different from a different form.

Different full forms of the word OK

  • All correct
  • Okay
  • Objection Knock
  • All Clear
  • Objection killed

Ok Full Form in Other Languages

By the way, the use of the OK word is spoken in all languages, be it Hindi or English, Chinese Nepali Bengali, and OK is used in all languages.

OK, ka Pura Naam in India Hindi – ok
What is OK short for
Russian– Хорошо
OK  In Spanish – Okay
Okey in German – OK
y In French – D’accord
full name
ok Italian– ok
meaning of OK
Chinese – 好
Ok InTurkish – Tamam
Okey In Greek – Εντάξει
Ok In Nepali – ठिक छ
ok full f
rom Bangali- ঠিক আছে

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History of OK Word

It is believed that the word OK originated in the year 1839 and it is also believed that the word OK (All Correct) was first used as a joke.

One possible explanation is that the term originated as an abbreviation for Oll Korrect, which refers to all the ‘right’ and wrong reasons that existed in America in the 1830s. This is the earliest written result of its use as a slogan by the Democratic Party during the 1840 US presidential election. His candidate, President Martin Van Buren, was the nickname of ‘Old Kinderhook’, and his supporters. And also formed ‘OK Club’. read more Wiki...

How to ok used in English

Friends, we have read the meaning of the OK word and now we will know how to use OK

Let’s play
Ok come on

Food was ok
Yes it was fine

Let’s go for outing

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